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Making My Own Changes The eNews Builder Newsletter Platform has a detailed capacity for you to be able to make your own changes directly to your Newsletter. For more information on how to make these changes, see the link below … Read More

Request a Newsletter Amendment

Submit a Word Document with changes To indicate your changes, all you need to do is highlight the text: Highlight any changed/new content in Yellow.. Highlight any content that needs removal in Red. The highlighter tool can be found in … Read More

Zipping images and attachments folders

Before uploading your content you should prepare your files as follows: Drag the images folder into the Schoolzine Image resizer to reduce the file size for all of the images. This will reduce the time it takes to upload your … Read More

Preparing Newsletter Files for Upload

Prior to uploading your Newsletter Content you should have a total of 3 items for upload –  Newsletter Template Document Zipped Folder for Images Zipped Folder for Media Files Preparing My Newsletter Document Your Content Document is the most important … Read More

Summitting My Newsletter Content

Before submitting your Newsletter content you will need to prepare the following items: Completed Content Document 1 Zip Folder containing your Images and Galleries 1 Zip Folder containing your Attachments and Media Files Once your Files are assembled, use the … Read More